Friday, June 8, 2012

An Espresso Tale

Let's just take this as the Foreword to this blog. Since almost every book has a Foreword to it, before even the story starts, well, guess this blog deserves one too.

An Espresso Tale. A place for me to share things that interest me, or anything interesting.

What interests me? To name a few :

Foods - Good foods, I shall say. Not necessarily need to be expensive. Good foods, along with good company, make the gastronomic venture even more meaningful.

Going places, and I mean anywhere. It does broaden your horizon.

Cats - The mischievous ones, who are just too good at giving you the look, and your heart just melts away.

Philately - Mostly those from Malaysia and Australia. And one or two each time I visit a foreign country. Something as memento.

Freebie postcard - Such a quirky interest, eh?

Snoopy - Flying Ace, Joe Cool. The cool, lovely Beagle.

An Espresso Tale. Going to keep it short and simple. Something as reading pleasure while one is having a good cup of espresso, perhaps? Oh well, tea or anything, as you enjoy it!

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