Saturday, April 13, 2013

Malaysian Festivals - Miniature Sheet

While the earlier issue features the 3 main festivals celebrated nationwide in Malaysia, the miniature sheet issue features the Tadau Kaamatan Festival and Gawai Festival respectively.

Tadau Kaamatan Festival, also known as the Harvest Festival, is celebrated by the Kadazandusuns of Sabah as thanksgiving for the abundant harvest as well as to worship for a greater harvest for seasons to come.

Gawai Festival is celebrated by the Dayaks of Sarawak as thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest bestowed upon them by the God of Rice and Wealth.


Date of Issue : 15 Aug 2006
Postmark : Kajang
Denomination : 2 x RM1
Stamp Size : 70mm x 100mm
Paper : SPM Watermarked, Phosphor Coated
Printing Process : Lithography


Harvest Festival is a public holiday in Sabah and Labuan while Gawai Festival is a public holiday in Sarawak only :)

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