Friday, June 7, 2013

Digital Fortress

A cyber-thriller which revolves around the quest for an unbreakable encryption algorithm, and the extent on how some individuals go about in acquiring it.

When the United States NSA (National Security Agency), the most powerful intelligence organisation on earth's invincible code-breaking machine encounters an unbreakable encryption algorithm, it calls for its head cryptographer, Susan Fletcher, to intervene in order to break the code.

The NSA find themselves in a race to intercept and destroy this algorithm, known as Digital Fortress, before it can be released to the world, hence rendering NSA's spying efforts useless. Caught in an accelerating tempest of secrecy and lies, Susan Fletcher finds herself fighting not only for her country, but for her life as well as the life of the man she loves.


ISBN-13 : 978-0-552-16125-1
ISBN-10 : 0-55216-125-X
Author : Dan Brown
Publisher : Transworld Paperbacks
Published : 2009


Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Truly engaging, I literally didn't put it down until I was done. If you enjoy cyber-thriller, this is not to be missed.

Besides the story itself, the other thing that I really like is the how the prologue is linked to the epilogue.

Quoted from the prologue - "It is said that in death, all things become clear."

Quoted from the epilogue - "They say in death, all things become clear."

Huh? Well, you just need to read to find out more :)

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