Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Freebie Postcard - Andronicus

[ Australia, 1999 ]

Andronicus - For the authentic cafe experience. In Australia since 1910, Andronicus is Nestlé's premium roast and ground coffee brand.

[ Australia, 1999 ]

Gourmet blend - smooth, fine and aromatic. A well-balanced, lively coffee gently roasted to deliver a smooth, aromatic flavour.

Caffe blend - rich, well-rounded and flavoursome. A smooth and dull, where selected coffee beans are carefully roasted to bring a rich, well-rounded coffee.

[ Australia, 1999 ]

Espresso - strong, dark and full-bodied. A full-bodied continental style coffee with all the richness and strength of a true espresso.

Espresso roma - bold, full-bodied and rich. Specially fine ground for use in home espresso machines, rich and full-bodied.

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