Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Handicraft is the art of creating decorative and utility items completely by hand or using simple tools, emphasis being on craftsmanship.

This joint issue between Hongkong Post and Romfilatelia showcases masterpieces from each country, highlighting the vitality of the art form - the dough figurines and painted eggs.

The dough figurines, a handicraft from Hong Kong, is an enchanting Chinese folk art. Figurine makers, with superb skills and creative talents, turn the dough into lifelike figurines and paint them to make them more vivid, using simple tools such as a pair of small scissors, a comb, a bamboo splint and a bone needle.

The painted eggs is a handicraft from Romania. During Easter, starting on Holy Tuesday, women and children will gather to paint eggs in a multitude of colours. This is a very old custom in Romania and is a symbol of spring and the rebirth of nature.


Date of Issue : 24 Nov 2011
Denomination : 2 x HK$5.00
Stamp Size : 36mm x 36mm
Paper : Paper with Security Fibres
Printing Process : Lithography


Both stamp designs are jointly issued with Romfilatelia. In Romania, stamps are issued at a denomination of 2L (L = Romanian Leu).

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