Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Small Pond

The creatures living in and around the Small Pond are intricately linked, be they prey or predators. Frogs are being featured dramatically in this stamp issue, alongside the dragonfly and sacred kingfisher.

The following frog species are being featured :

1.  Roth's Tree Frog, a mainly tropical frog
2.  Northern Dwarf Tree Frog, a small, slender frog
3.  Javelin Frog, a frog with long and sharply pointed snout
4.  Magnificent Tree Frog, the largest tree frog in Australia

Frogs can be predators in such small habitat – feasting on bees, wasps, beetles, bugs, dragonflies and other small, moving prey drawn to the pond – or the prey of other creatures.

Meanwhile, birds and snakes are a frog’s worst enemies, and dragonflies are also a threat to survival – eating frogspawn and tadpoles.


Date of Issue : 1 Oct 1999
Postmark : Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029
Denomination : 4 x 45c and 2 x 50c
Stamp Size : 30mm x 25mm (1st & 2nd stamp), 25mm x 30mm (3rd & 4th stamp) and 26mm x 37.5mm (5th & 6th stamp)
Paper : Tullis Russell
Printing Process : Offset lithography


Above stamp issue - Small Pond, is the theme for Australia's Stamp Collecting Month in 1999.

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