Friday, July 19, 2013

Traditional Dance (Cambodia)

Dance in Cambodia consists of three main categories - classical dance of the royal court, folk dance which portrays cultural traditions, and social dances performed in social gatherings.

Above stamp issue by The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of the Kingdom of Cambodia portrays the Best Wishes Dance. Best Wishes Dance, Robam Chuon Por in Cambodian, also known as The Blessed Dance, is a Khmer classical dance.

Khmer classical dance, is a highly stylized dance form originating from the royal courts. Performances of classical dance consists of elaborately costumed dancers and music played by a pin peat ensemble.

Traditionally, this dance is performed to give blessing to the king, country leaders, or official guests visiting the country. It is now widely celebrated as iconic of Cambodian culture, often being performed during public events, holidays, and for tourists visiting Cambodia.


Date of Issue : 8 Aug 2008
Postmark : Kingdom of Cambodia
Denomination : 600R, 1000R, 1700R, 1800R and 1900R
Stamp Size : 31mm x 46mm
Printing Process : Offset


A memento that I get during my last trip to Cambodia. Only 200 first day covers were produced, so am grateful that I actually own one of these :)

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