Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Daegwallyeong Wind Village, Gangwon

Cheese making and sheep feeding - the two activities that we had when we visited Daegwallyeong Wind Village.

A cheese-making professional guided us on the cheese making process. She actually spoke in Korean, but actions do speak louder than words, as we seem to be able to follow the steps as demonstrated.

The classroom

Cheese here is made from fresh milk produced in Daegwallyeong. The fresh milk would first need to be boiled, and to be stirred constantly. Vinegar is then added to the milk, and the milk will turn into curds and whey. Thereafter, the curds are transferred to a strainer, with a cloth on it to separate the curds from the whey. To make the cheese look more interesting, flowers are put on the cloth before transferring the curds. We then pressed the cheese (i.e. curds) using the cloth and a presser to get most of the moisture out. Walla, here's the cheese that we made ...

Cheese !
Ingredients and tools

Enjoy the cheese with wine

Next - sheep feeding time. For a KRW3,000 admission fee, this comes with a basket of hay to feed the sheep. The moment you go near them with the hay, the sheep will come for the food, and will eat greedily, so in order to be fair and square, you might want to move the basket away to the other sheep after a while :)

Feed me ...

And besides the above, beautiful scenery is what you get here, so for photo enthusiasts, it's something that they will not miss.


  1. Hi, your trip to Korea looks interesting!
    how do you register for cheese making? is there an email to liaise with them? pls email me at

  2. Is this wind village the same as the Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch? How do you register for the cheese making class and what are the class timings? I have 2 young kids and they will love to experience this.