Monday, September 9, 2013

Everland Theme Park, Gyeonggi

Everland Theme Park is the equivalent Disneyland Park in South Korea. Operated by Samsung Everland, a subsidiary of Samsung Group, it is South Korea's largest theme park.

When we reached there, we were just in time to catch the Carnival Fantasy Parade. I quite enjoy this segment, probably due to the colourful parade cars :p

One highlight of this theme park is its roller coaster - the first wooden roller coaster and the largest of any kind in South Korea. Due to the long queue, and am not a fan of such ride, I skipped this. But looking at the ride, it seems to be an interesting one, so for those who love such thrilling experience, I would say it's something not to be missed.

I also enjoyed the Rotating House. One gets to experience a 360-degrees rolling inside a rotating house. Things are put in an upside-down mode, thus you feel as if you are standing on the ceiling!

Other attractions include the Zoo Topia, Caribbean Bay and the Global Fair.

Safari World
Zoo Topia
Petting Zoo
Candy Shop

And as I visited during Halloween time, the theme park was decorated for this occasion ... spooky!

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