Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oak Valley Resort, Gangwon

The next hotel we stayed is the Oak Valley Resort, a four-season family resort, and was told by the tour guide that it is one of the best resorts in South Korea. It is both a golf and ski resort.

We were given a condominium unit to stay, and there are 3 rooms in each unit. One can choose to either sleep on bed or tatami, as both styles of room are available in the unit.

Tatami-style room
Normal style bedroom

There's a living room area as well as a mini kitchen in each unit. Kitchen utensils are provided, so if you wish to cook, you can do so. We actually utilised these, as we cooked some Korean instant noodles for supper :)

As we are only staying there for the night, we did not get to utilise the facilities available, unfortunately. However, we still ventured to one of the convenience stores in the resort for some foods and drinks :)

View from our unit - early in the morning !

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