Friday, September 6, 2013

63 City, Seoul

63 City skyscraper is a Yeouido landmark offering a spectacular view of the city. Standing at 249 metres high, it is one of Korea’s tallest and most recognised buildings. The building consists of 60 floors and 3 basement levels.

It is a multi-venue leisure complex featuring an art gallery, aquarium, IMAX cinema, performance hall and a wax museum. Due to time constraint, we only get to visit the art gallery and aquarium.

63 Sky Art Gallery is the highest observation art gallery in the world. Besides getting to view the Han River through the observatory windows, there are also art exhibitions, magic shows, and various cultural experiences here.

View of the city from the observatory deck
The Thrill Deck - transparent glass floor
You can see through all the way to the ground from Level 60 !
Lovely art exhibition
The Wishing Wall

63 Seaworld is the first urban large-scale aquarium, occupying animals such as waddling little penguins, colourful tropical fish and jellyfish, to name a few.

Sea lion performance
Japanese Spider Crab
Longhorn Cowfish
Bubble Coral
Moon Jellyfish

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