Monday, September 2, 2013

Jeju KAL Hotel, Jeju

After spending a whole day visiting a few places, and coupled with not having a good sleep in the plane, checking into a hotel is indeed something that we look forward to.

We checked into Jeju KAL Hotel on our first night in South Korea. The hotel is located close to Jeju International Airport, however, a little far from the main tourist attractions. Not too much a problem for us though as we have our own tourist bus sending us around :)

The hotel has quite a big lobby area, and the rooms are clean. Having said that, the hotel is a bit old and outdated. As am not a person who is super concern to stay in a 5-star hotel, so long the hotel is clean and safe, am pretty fine with it.

View from the hotel room

For those who are looking to do some shopping, there are shops in the hotel selling souvenirs, handbags and clothing.

And for those looking to try out their luck to win some extra cash, there's a casino in the hotel :)

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