Monday, September 2, 2013

Song Hak Laver Museum, Seoul

Laver, also known as sea moss, contains nutrients, which are more easily digested and absorbed than those of agricultural and farm products. Unlike man-made products, laver is a natural organism and also is a food item for animals.

Included in the itinerary of last my Korea trip is a visit to Song Hak Laver Museum.

The laver growing process includes seed collection, flat trichome hatchery, laver farming, raw seaweed transportation, washing of raw seaweed and fine-cutting of raw seaweed.

The production process includes roasting of the seaweed, seasoning of the seaweed and is completed with the packaging step.

It's all not only about understanding more on the laver growing and production process. On sale are of course seaweed, available in various flavours to choose from, which is simply irresistible, especially for a seaweed lover like me :)

Choices, choices and choices

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