Monday, September 2, 2013

Wolmido Seagull Ship, Seoul

After spending a night on the plane travelling to South Korea, finally, we reached Incheon International Airport. It's autumn time, what with the cold weather, it's really a great time to be there!

Our first destination is seagulls watching on board the Woldimo Seagull Ship.

Buses waiting to board the ship
Besides seagulls watching, one can also choose to feed seagulls while you are on the ship. Try throwing prawn crackers into the sky and see the many seagulls grabbing the food. Such a commotion, indeed!

Hand-feeding seagulls

Light foods and beverages are also sold on board. Having just arrived in South Korea and starting to feel hungry, the sight of such is indeed truly welcomed :)

'Mini mart' in the ship

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