Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yongduam Rock, Jeju

Yongduam Rock, also known as Dragon Head Rock or The Dragon's Head, is a basalt formation situated to the north of Jeju City.

The length of the submerged 'body' is 30 metres in length, while the 'head' rises to about 10 metres above the water. This oddly shaped structure is the result of the solidification of flowing lava during volcano eruption.

From a legend perspective, there are two versions on why this dragon met its fate. One legend has it that a dragon, as the emissary of the Dragon King, came to Mount Halla to gather the elixir of youth. In another version, a dragon in very ancient times ascended to heaven, grabbing in its mouth the Sacred Jade belonging to the Guardian of Mount Halla. In both versions, the Guardian of Mount Halla struck the dragon with an arrow, causing the dragon to fall into the water, with its head raised in wailing above the water.

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