Friday, October 11, 2013

Christmas 1984

The first Christmas issue stamps in my collection which I would wish to share are those issued by the Department of Posts and Telecommunications of Samoa in 1984.

The stamp design features a set of 3 panel paintings by Italian Renaissance master, Raphael. Painted in 1507, these three small panels illustrate Faith, Hope and Charity, flanked by winged cherubs who carry their characteristics - allusive to Christ, object of Faith; trusting attitudes for Hope; a brazier with flames and a basin full of coins for Charity.

It is quite likely that Charity occupied the central position, flanked by Hope on the left and by Faith on the right.


Date of Issue : 7 Nov 1984
Postmark : Apia, W. Samoa
Denomination : 25 sene, 35 sene and $1.00
Stamp Size : 48mm x 20mm


Perhaps one of the most issued stamps are those with Christmas theme. Christmas stamps are postage stamps with Christmas theme and intended for use on seasonal mail such as Christmas cards.

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