Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Island Christmas 2003

Australia Post has been issuing stamps for Christmas Island since 1993. Through the years, Christmas Island Christmas stamp designs have depicted tropical visions of Santa's visit, incorporating island features into the designs.

Christmas Island's 2003 Christmas stamps, designed by Melbourne based Bill Wood, feature a fanciful depiction of Christmas festivities on Christmas Island.

The 45c stamp shows Santa arriving at Christmas Island astride a friendly whaleshark and escorted by red-footed booby birds, with the limestone cliffs of the island seen in the background.

The 50c stamp shows Santa distributing gifts, while sitting on a green turtle. His red-footed booby bird escorts are now singing carols from a tree branch, while Christmas Island's ubiquitous red crabs are receiving their gifts on the shore.


Date of Issue : 31 Oct 2003
Postmark : Christmas Island 6798
Denomination : 45c and 50c
Stamp Size : 30.5mm x 30mm
Paper : Tullis Russell
Printing Process : Lithography


Christmas Island is an external Australian territory located in the Indian Ocean, 2600 kilometres north-west of Perth. This lush, tropical island was named after its first recorded sighting on Christmas Day in 1643.

The warm waters surrounding the island are a world-renowned destination for divers, who often encounter Whalesharks - harmless, plankton feeding sharks and the world's largest fish.

The whaleshark is depicted in above 45c stamp.

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