Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Katz Tales : Living Under The Velvet Paw

Katz Tales : Living Under The Velvet Paw is a collection of light-hearted and heart-warming stories of Ellen Whyte's cat-masters - the wise yet wily Scoop, his sturdy and inventive cat companion Au, and the perpetual kitten Target.

The tales in this book cover the more than 10 years Ellen has lived in Malaysia. Stories include how Scoop, Au and Target moved into her lives, and subsequently having ruled their human-servants under their velvet paw. Also, the time when Scoop fakes an illness in order to reach a secret goal, the time when Au is outsmarted by the neighbourhood birds and the near disaster as Target is trapped behind a giant wall.

Also included in this book are some handy FAQs for new cat lovers, giving advice on how to train kittens, prevent disease, bathe cats, support grieving animals and other common issues.


ISBN-13 : 978-967-3035-64-9
ISBN-10 : 967-3035-64-4
Author : Ellen Whyte
Publisher : Marshall Cavendish
Published : 2009


A special birthday present from one of my best friends couple of years back, as this friend of mine knows that I like cats.

A book that I really enjoy, in fact have read it 3 times, as I can easily relate the stories in this book to my cat-masters as well.

The FAQs provide me with more understanding on cats, which is worth a read by both new and existing cat lovers.

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