Friday, November 8, 2013

Season's Greetings

One of the most important Christmas rituals is decorating the family Christmas tree. Trees had become a part of the Christmas festival by the 12th century, and were hung from ceilings as a symbol of Christianity.

Decorations came later and included apples, cakes and sugared almonds, crafts, tinsel, silver wire ornaments, candles and small beads. Glass ornaments and eventually electric Christmas lights appeared in the late 19th century.

The 40c stamp features a bold, graphic illustration of a Christmas tree, with "Season's Greetings" printed in the tab.

The 80c stamp features a striking graphic star, with "Peace and Goodwill" printed in the tab.


Date of Issue : 4 Sep 2001
Postmark : Merrylands 2160 NSW
Denomination : 40c and 80c
Stamp Size : 30.5mm x 30mm
Paper : Tullis Russell
Printing Process : Lithography


Story has it that oak was the inspiration for the first Christmas tree.

Long long ago, a monk named Boniface chopped down an oak tree as he was angry because people thought that the oak was sacred, and he wanted to prove them wrong. When the oak fell, it crushed everything in its path, except a small fir sapling. Boniface said the survival of the little sapling was a miracle.

So, people planted fir saplings to celebrate Christmas from then onwards. They didn't bring trees inside and decorate them as we do now.

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