Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Here Comes The Big Bad Wolf

Nope, don't worry, this is not the big bad wolf from the three little pig story. Instead, this is The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.

The biggest book sale is making a comeback to the Klang Valley again, with books up to 95% off retail price.

The sale is from 6 to 15 Dec 2013, in MIECC @ The Mines. And it's going to be 230 hours of non-stop shopping!

As for some who are lucky enough to win a Preview Pass, they get to go to the sale one day before it's open to the public, i.e. on 5 Dec 2013. These lucky winners would have the privilege to choose the books first. Yahoo!

This is the Preview Pass that I won :)

More books to be added to my collection ... Find out more on The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale here.

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