Friday, January 17, 2014

Chen Clan Academy, Guangzhou

Chen Clan Academy (陈家祠), also known as the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, is an important heritage site under the protection of the country.

Located at Zhongshan 7th Road, it is an academic and spiritual temple in Guangzhou built by the Chen families from 72 counties all over Guangdong Province (72 Chen Clans) for their juniors' accommodation and preparation for the imperial examinations in 1894 during the Qing Dynasty.

The temple consists of 19 buildings with nine halls and six courtyards, connected by corridors. It exemplifies traditional Chinese architectural style and has been well preserved.

Bronze Statue - Storytelling
Bronze Statue - Weighing
The temple now serves as the Guangdong Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts (广东民间工艺博物馆), which shows the most characteristic Guangdong architecture. A large collection of southern China art pieces, for example, wood carvings and pottery as well as Guangdong old furniture, can be found in the structure.

Entertaining Guest at the Side Hall
Bed Chamber


RMB 10

Opening Hours

08:30 to 17:30

Getting There

Take Exit D from Chen Clan Academy Subway Station (Line 1). The main entrance of the temple is at Exit D.

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