Saturday, January 11, 2014

Guangzhou - What to Eat?

Guangzhou is famous throughout China and the world for its foreign trade as well as its cuisine. Hence, when one travels to Guangzhou, foods is not something to be missed.

Here are some of the must-try, which I have tried ...

White Cut Chicken (白切鸡)

A traditional Cantonese dish, this is just a poached chicken. The chicken is barely cooked and the flesh is smooth and juicy. The name "white cut chicken" seems to be a direct translation from the Chinese name of this dish.

Yum Cha (饮茶)

A pot of tea with two pieces (一盅两件) is Guangzhou's dim sum culture. Many locals stay for hours chatting and reading newspaper with just a small order of food.

Met up with an acquaintance on my first day there, and we had dim sum for lunch. As we were not that hungry, we did not order too much food though, just some to try.

Glutinous rice 
Fried radish cake

Dessert (甜品 & 糖水)

A Cantonese meal is incomplete without Cantonese desserts. Soupy or custard desserts are common. I have sweet tooth, and how can I miss out dessert?

Those famous ones not to be missed include Double Layered Milk (双皮奶) and Ginger Milk Curd (姜撞奶). Ginger Milk Curd is my all time favourite.

Although Polo Bun and Portuguese Egg Tart are not really being recommended as must-try in Guangzhou, but I tried these as well, and they are really good.

Polo Bun, with pineapple fillings - Polo means pineapple in Cantonese
Portuguese Egg Tart

Siu Mei (烧味)

Siu Mei is a staple item in Cantonese restaurants, with its iconic image of roasted ducks and chicken hanging in front of a store. Varieties include barbecued pork, roast goose and roast pig.

Met up with some friends on one of the days there, and we had a sumptuous lunch at Bing Sheng Restaurant. One of the dishes that we had is Siu Mei, the barbecued pork variety, which is really good. The meat is tender, and you can feel the fat of the pork melting in your mouth when you bite it.

I know, this doesn't sound too healthy, but well, you don't have it often, so why not give it a try?

Seafood (海鲜)

Due to Guangdong’s proximity to the southern coast of China, fresh live seafood is a specialty in Cantonese cuisine. The freshest seafood is odourless, and is best cooked by steaming.

I did not get to try seafood cooked in Chinese style, but instead I had it sashimi style. And yes, it's really fresh.

On top of the above, I also tried the slow-cooked soup (老火汤), which is usually a clear broth prepared by simmering meat and other ingredients over a low heat for several hours.

And this fish cooked in spicy Szchuan style ...

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