Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou

Yuexiu Park (越秀公园), named after Yuexiu Mountain, is the largest park in downtown Guangzhou and one of the most famous scenic spots in the city. Yuexiu Park consists of seven hummocks/hills of Yuexiu Mountain and three artificial lakes, hence it is well-known for its beautiful hills and waters.

Main entrance to the park

Besides the splendid natural wonders, other attractions in Yuexiu Park include scenic sites of different historical period, to name a few as follows :

1.  Five-Ram Statue, which is the emblem of Guangzhou City.

2.  Zhenhai Tower, also known as the Five-Storey Tower.

3.  Guangzhou City Museum, situated next to Zhenhai Tower.

4.  The Ancient City Wall of the Ming Dynasty.

5.  Sun Yat-sen Monument, which in the interest of time, I did not managed to visit.

Besides the above historical attractions, there are amusement parks here too - Beixiu Amusement Park and Jinyin Amusement Park.

On top of these attractions, one might bump into the locals practicing dancing and singing in the park. Such a happy and interesting sight to see.

I did quite a lot of walking in the park, and it's pretty tiring, to be frank. So, if you wish to save on some energy, you might wish to pay a little bit and hop on the sightseeing car in the park.

Getting There

There are five entrances to the park - the main entrance is located near Exit B1 of Yuexiu Park Subway Station (Line 2). Once you are out from the station, keep walking until you reach the park's main entrance on your right.

Once you are in the park, follow the numerous signs in the park to get to the relevant attractions you wish to go.

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