Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Tame & The Wild

Tame animals, also known as household pets, are actually descendants of their wild ancestors. Having adapted to an existence among humans for centuries, these animals have lost their wild instincts. Although closely resemble their wild cousins, these tame animals have become affectionate pets, and their existence depends upon human, who takes care of their needs.

Wild animals, on the other hand, are highly dependent on the ecosystem, whereby their very existence is threatened by changes in their habitats, such as habitat destruction. They are less adaptable than their tame cousins.

The 4 animals featured in the 2002 Malaysia Stamp Week issue are, from left to right :

1.  Leopard Cat (the wild)
2.  Domestic Cat (the tame)
3.  Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo (the tame)
4.  Buffy Fish-Owl (the wild)

Slightly larger than domestic cat, the Leopard Cat inhabits forests and mature plantations of Malaysia, and it is an efficient killer. Very aggressive, it is extremely difficult to tame. Its cousin, the Domestic Cat, has for centuries been a popular household pet. The domestic cat has not totally lost its wild instincts, as it is still an efficient killer, who uses its keen eyesight to hunt for rats and small birds.

The Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, originates from Australia and New Guinea, is a popular cage bird due to its wholly white plumage and its erect light yellow crest. It can be taught to perform a variety of acts. The Buffy Fish-Owl inhabits forested waterways and swampy localities throughout much of lowland Malaysia. Its yellowish underparts with fine dark streaks make it a beautiful bird.


Date of Issue : 17 Dec 2002
Postmark : Kuala Lumpur
Denomination : 2 x 30 sen and 2 x RM1
Stamp Size : 30mm x 40mm
Paper : SPM Watermarked, Phosphor Coated
Printing Process : Lithography


Together with above stamp issue are 2 sets of miniature stamp issue, featuring the following :

1.  Design A - Porcupine Fish and Goldfish
2.  Design B - Giant Squirrel and Rabbit

I do not have above designs in my collection, unfortunately, but of course, am searching for them to make my collection complete :)

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