Saturday, May 3, 2014

World Team Table Tennis Championship - Dawei 2000

Table tennis was first played in England in the late 19th century, and was probably played using improvised equipment. It is believed that the first manufactured equipment was manufactured in 1887.

The International Table Tennis Federation was initiated in Berlin by Dr Georg Lehmann on 15 Jan 1926. A Constitution and Laws of Table Tennis were formally adopted in London on 12 Dec 1926.

The 1st World Table Tennis Championship was held in London at the end of Dec 1926, followed by the 2nd World Championship in Stockholm in Jan 1928. Thereafter, this event was held annually until 1939. The sequence was resumed in 1947, and was held annually until 1957, whereby it was held biennially thereafter.

The World Table Tennis Individual and Team Championships are held simultaneously, except during 1999. Originally to be held in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, but due to political situation in Yugoslavia, the individual event was subsequently held in Aug 1999 in Netherlands, while the team event was held in Kuala Lumpur in Feb 2000.

This stamp issue by Pos Malaysia is to commemorate this international event, i.e. the Team Championship, held in Kuala Lumpur.


Date of Issue : 19 Feb 2000
Postmark : Kajang
Denomination : 30 sen, 50 sen and RM1
Stamp Size : 38mm x 28mm
Paper : Unwatermarked, Phosphor Coated
Printing Process : Lithography


Table tennis was first recognised as an Olympic Sport and included in the Summer Games in Seoul in 1988.

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