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Early Navigators of Australia

Tasman, Cook and Flinders
Dampier, King and Bass
The exploration and mapping of coastal Australia was the work of many great navigators over two centuries. Six of these great navigators who helped put Australia's coastline on the map are being featured in above two special miniature sheets issued by Australia Post.

The stamps shown on these miniature sheets were first released in 1963-64 as the Early Navigators in Australian Waters stamp issue, and were re-issued in 1966 with new denominations for the introduction of decimal currency.

Abel Tasman (c. 1603-59) - Tasman discovered and named Van Diemen's Land, and also charted the northern coast of Australia from Cape York Peninsula to Port Hedland.

Captain James Cook (1728-1779) - James Cook sighted Point Hicks, who also sailed north and made numerous landings before claiming British possession of the eastern coast.

Captain Matthew Flinders (1774-1814) - Flinders circumnavigated the continent from 1801 to 1803, and charted large sections of the coast. He published a General Chart of Terra Australis in 1814.

William Dampier (1651-1715) - In 1688 Dampier led the first British party known to have landed successfully on the Australian coast.

Philip Parker King (1791-1856) - King charted the coast previously unexplored by the late Matthew Flinders. King published in 1824-25 a set of 8 charts, when combined with Flinders' chart, showed almost the entire Australian coastline.

George Bass (1771 - c. 1803) - Bass explored the southern coast of New South Wales. He and Flinders proved that a strait, later named after Bass, separates Van Diemen's Land from the mainland.


Date of Issue : 19 Mar 1999
Postmark : Melbourne VIC 3000
Denomination : 6 x 45c
Stamp Size : 37.5mm x 26mm (Tasman, Cook and Flinders stamp design)
Stamp Size : 25mm x 30mm (Dampier, King and Bass stamp design)
Paper : CPL
Printing Process : Offset lithography


Above miniature sheets are issued to coincide with Melbourne World Stamp Expo, Australia 99. With a theme celebrating Australia's maritime heritage, the following series of stamps were issued :

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