Wednesday, April 20, 2016

International Letter Writing Week 2000

The 2000 International Letter Writing Week was held from 7 to 15 Oct 2000. In conjunction with this event, Thailand Post has issued a set of commemorative stamps featuring award winning paintings from the 1998 International Letter Writing Week Paintings Competition.

Entitled Gilded Polychrome Tea Set in Rattanakosin Period, the following 4 tea set designs are featured in this stamp issue :

*  Top left : Chinese cabbage design
*  Top right : Ducks and aquatic animals in lotus pond design
*  Bottom left : Lotus bud shape in meshed leaf-stalks design
*  Bottom right : Butterflies and bees amidst floral design


Date of Issue : 7 Oct 2000
Postmark : Bangkok
Denomination : 2 x 6 Baht and 2 x 12 Baht
Stamp Size : 27mm x 45mm


A memento I bought myself during my last BKK trip - something that I will do whenever I visit a foreign country ...

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