Monday, May 2, 2016

Primates of Malaysia - Series II

The Malaysian rainforest is a bio-diverse landscape that is home to a total of 19 species of primates. The tropical climate of the country offers the perfect sanctuary for these primates. Primates have larger brain than its body size, stereoscopic vision and grasping hands and feets, as well as behavioural traits such as grooming and allomothering.

In this second continuation of the Primates of Malaysia series, the following species of primates are being featured, while the Agile Gibbon is featured in the miniature sheet.

Macaque - The macaque has light brown fur on its body, white fur on its underside and dark brown or black hair on top of its head. As skilled climbers, they are traditionally trained by farmers to pluck coconuts and fruits from trees. Highly intelligent, they are also trained to choose coconuts based on their ripening stages.

Silvered Leaf Monkey - Also known as silvery lutung or silvery langur, the silvered leaf monkey has dark-skinned face with brown or black silver-tipped fur. In contrast, newborns have bright orange fur and white-coloured face, hands and feet; the skin colour changes to black within few days after birth while their orange fur changes to darker colour after 3 to 5 months.

White-handed Gibbon - Also known as lar gibbon, the white-handed gibbon has a distinct white fur that surrounds its black face and covers the upper sides of its hands and feet. They are remarkably agile is swinging from branch to branch, with such method of locomotion is known as brachiation.


Date of Issue : 26 Jan 2016
Postmark : Kuala Lumpur
Denomination : 60 sen, 70 sen and 80 sen
Stamp Size : 30mm x 49mm
Paper : Phosphor Coated, Security Stamp Paper
Printing Process : Lithography


Above stamps are also issued in conjunction with the Year of the Monkey. 2016 being the Year of the Fire Monkey is said to be a year of optimism, cheerfulness and a great year to enhance family ties.

Also, find out more on the earlier stamp issue on Primates of Malaysia here.

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