Friday, June 24, 2016

Hungarian Parliament (Országház)

Magyar Posta, the Hungarian Post, first issued the Hungarian Parliament stamp series in 2012.

The first series features the chambers of the Parliament as the work on the Parliament started 110 years ago on the chambers of the Upper House (today's Congress Hall) and the Representatives (today's Parliament).

An international competition was held with nineteen designs submitted, from which Imre Steindl's design was selected as the winner.

Construction of the building started in 1885 and was inaugurated on the 1000th anniversary of the country in 1896. It was however only completed in 1904. Except for the marble monoliths which were imported from Sweden, only domestic building materials were used in the construction of the building.

Statistically :

*  About 1,000 people were involved in the construction
*  176,000 m3 of soil was moved
*  40 million bricks were used
*  Half million precious stones were used
*  40 kg of gold were used

The main facade of the building is on the Danube side, however the official entrance is from Kossuth Square. Inside and outside, there are altogether 242 statues on the walls, and the building is also decorated by outstanding frescoes and paintings.

In the middle of the miniature sheet, the silhouette of the Parliament is surrounded by eight stamps depicting various details of the chambers of the Upper House and the Representatives :

Top Row
*  Statues (left stamp)
*  Speaker's dais and coats of arms (middle stamp)
*  Speaker's chair (right stamp)

Middle Row
*  Decorative arches (left stamp)
*  Wall sculpture of horse and rider (right stamp)

Bottom Row
*  Chamber (left stamp)
*  Coat of arms (middle stamp)
*  Chamber (right stamp)


Date of Issue : 8 Oct 2012
Postmark : Budapest
Denomination : 8 x 200 HUF
Stamp Size : 35.9mm x 36mm
Printing Process : Offset


The Hungarian Parliament Building, one of the most beautiful public buildings in the world, is also one of Europe's oldest legislative buildings. A notable landmark of Hungary, it is a popular tourist destination of Budapest.

In fact, above first day cover is a souvenir from a colleague of mine who visited Budapest recently.

Subsequent issues of the Hungarian Parliament stamp series include :

Series II
*  Issued in 3 Sep 2013
*  8 stamps featuring the dome hall and the hall of the main staircase

Series III
*  Issued on 3 Oct 2014
*  8 stamps featuring the speaker's reception halls

Series IV
*  Issued on 1 Oct 2015
*  8 stamps featuring the Hunting Hall and the Delegation Room

Series V
*  Issued on 8 Jun 2016
*  8 stamps featuring the facade of the building

For those interested to find out more on Hungary stamps, click here for Magyar Posta official website.