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Rare Fruits of Malaysia - Series II

Among the popular rare fruits of Malaysia include jambu bol, cerapu, binjai and salak; of which are being featured in this 2nd series on rare fruits stamp issue by Pos Malaysia.

These fruits are usually eaten fresh, however, salak can be processed and preserved or pickled. These are seasonal fruits.

Jambu bol is native to Malaysia, and distributed widely, almost in all states. The fruits are oblong or oval in shape. The skin is thin, either white or white tinged with red or dark red, depending on the varieties. The flesh is juicy and aromatic, and is usually eaten fresh or made into local fruit salads known as rojak.

Cerapu is a sweet-sour juicy fruit and is normally eaten fresh. It can be found in Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang and Terengganu. The unripe fruit, which is sour, is used as a substitute for tamarind in fish curries. The fruit is almost globose but slightly flattened at the top and bottom. Ripe fruits are bright orange with green petals. The skin is thin and can be easily peeled off.

Binjai is also native to Malaysia. The binjai fruit is a big drupe, obovate-oblong or pear-shaped, narrower at the base. The skin is yellowish or pale brown with brown spots. There are many varieties, and they differ in shape, size, skin colour, as well as taste ranging from sweet, sweet-sour to sour.

Salak is a palm, with fruits that are juicy, sweet but slightly astringent. It is cultivated mostly in Terengganu. The fruit is globose or ellipsoid, pointed at the base. It is either pale reddish or dark brown in colour. It has rough skin, with overlapping, closely arranged scales. It's either eaten fresh, or can be preserved or pickled.


Date of Issue : 27 Feb 1999
Postmark : Kajang
Denomination : 20 sen, 30 sen, 50 sen and RM1.00
Stamp Size : 35mm x 45mm
Paper : SPM Watermarked, Phosphor Coated
Printing Process : Lithography


The first series on rare fruits of Malaysia stamps were issued on 10 Jan 1998, featuring kundong, sentul, pulasan and asam gelugor. I do not have this series in my collection (unfortunately).

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